Liability for Concert Injuries

Watch this educational video by Buffalo injury attorney Robert Maranto to learn more about legal liability for concert injuries and who is responsible.

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The issue as to who is responsible for someone’s injuries if they’re attending a concert is actually very interesting and may be more complex than you might imagine. First of all, it depends on whether the individual is injured by the negligence of another person or the intentional acts of another person. It also really depends on what type of event it is. There are certain concert events that you would expect there to be more violence at. It’s sad to say, but there are certain types of concerts that promote that type of behavior. In those situations, we would expect that the owner of the premises that’s having the concert, and even the individual promoting the concert, would provide security which is sufficient to make sure that nobody gets injured.

We have a case in our office right now where an individual was hurt at a concert where this is the very case. We will go after and sue the individual who actually injured our client. There was an intentional act. We are also pursuing a case against the venue. We are arguing that the venue knew, or should have known that there might be an elevated risk of this type of activity and failed to take proper action in order to stop it. We are also pursuing the security company. The allegations against the security company is that they failed to have individuals there that were properly trained to be able to diffuse and stop the type of activity which eventually led to my client’s serious injuries.

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