Metro Subway Injuries

Injured on the Metro Subway

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly explains the recourse that should be taken if you were injured on the metro subway.  Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers near Buffalo NY if you were injured.

In Buffalo, if you’re injured on the subway – or what we, here, call the Metro – the NFTA operates that and one of the things you have to do within 90 days is file a Notice of Claim against the NFTA. That filing preserves your right to file a lawsuit, which must then be filed within one year of your incident. If, however, you fail to file that Notice of Claim, you may lose your right to file a lawsuit later. The NFTA also has a special right to take a statement from you, early on in the case, and then use that statement later on in the pending lawsuit. That’s why it’s important to contact an attorney right away – as soon as that happens – so that we can make sure to meet those deadlines and preserve your rights going forward.