NFTA Injury Case Success Story

Have you or a loved one involved in an auto accident caused by an NFTA Bus that led to severe injury?   Let our dedicated Buffalo NFTA Injury attorney, Robert Maranto fight for your compensation.

I recently took a case against the Niagara Falls Transit Authority (NFTA) to trial in the New York State Supreme Court. Prior to that case, we had heard that the NFTA had won a string of victories in cases with other attorneys in this area. The law allows the NFTA to benefit from what we call an enhanced charge for negligence by bus drivers. That means ordinary negligence is not enough to hold a bus driver at fault. For that reason, the NFTA not only took the position that they would not settle our case, they made no settlement offer whatsoever. According to them, our client was entitled to nothing. We proceeded to trial and were able to show that the bus driver in this specific case not only acted inappropriately but, his behavior was beyond the enhanced standard set for NFTA bus drivers. At the end of the trial, the jury took – honestly – fourteen minutes to come back with a verdict that was one hundred percent in our client’s favor and zero percent in the NFTAs favor. As a result, the NFTA paid over $150,000 to resolve that case.

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Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra are dedicated NFTA injury lawyers in Buffalo NY representing individuals who have been injured.  We never back down in a fight against the insurance companies, and will use our experience to get the compensation you deserve.