Passenger Injuries in Car Accidents

In this educational video, experienced Buffalo injury attorney Robert Maranto explains how to recover damages for passenger injuries in car accidents.

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If someone is a passenger and is involved in an automobile accident, there are even more options available to you than when you are a driver. Of course, if you’re a passenger and it’s a multi-car accident, it brings into question whether multiple insurance companies or defendants would be responsible for your injuries. It’s very important in New York state to ferret out those issues because in our state, there’s an exception to the rule in auto accidents. Even if a driver is 1% at fault for an accident, they become 100% responsible for the claim.

In a case where someone was not at fault or even partially at fault, we would put their insurance carrier on notice of the claim and pursue all cars involved in the accident.  If you are a passenger and involved in an insurance claim, you can also look to your insurance company for a supplementary uninsured motorist claim; that is if your policy that you carry is in excess of the policies of the at-fault vehicles.

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