Personal Injury Case Going to Trial

Are you curious if your personal injury case is going to trial? Read this blog for guidance, then call our Buffalo attorneys to get started.

One of the first things that gets asked of us is will my case have to go to trial? Oftentimes what happens in personal injury cases and motor vehicle accident cases is that we are able to resolve those cases prior to trial. However the insurance companies must know that your attorney is willing to take a case to trial, if they know that you are just going to settle every case, they will take advantage of that.

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We are willing and do put many cases in to suit that other attorneys I believe would not do. And we do that because we needed to maximize what you get. You only get one shot at your personal injury case and settling a case before it’s ready to settle just because of a timing issue is something that quite honestly we tried to recommend against. So we will take the case and if we can’t settle it in an appropriate time for a number that is reasonable, if it is not reasonable we will put the case in a suit. During that process of being in suit and in the litigation process we will continually try to see if we can settle the case for a number that is reasonable.

Ultimately if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay what you want under our guidance then we take the case to trial. And that is what distinguishes us from many other firms, is our willingness to do so.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced personal injury lawyer.