Investigation During The Early Stages of An Auto Accident

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I can tell you that an investigation is not only important in the early stages of a case. It’s critical. We need your lawyer to be able to preserve evidence so that if we have to go to trial later on we have it available to us.

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And we hire and have relationships with a number of investigators.  And those investigators will go out and take statements and pictures, make sure that witnesses are available to us so if we need them we can get them.

In addition, there are other parts of investigation that are extremely important, auto accident cases in particular.

There are many cameras in the city of Buffalo that we can use to determine whether or not someone was at fault for an accident.  Oftentimes we get stories from defendants in cases that don’t necessarily jive with what happened in the case or what’s on the police report for that matter.

And by preserving that evidence through Subpoena powers or through Freedom of Information Act powers we can actually get the videos to prove our case.

We have a very strong relationship with an investigating company and in many of the new cars that are available to people nowadays there is a black box in the car much like you would see in an airplane.  We have the ability to download that information from the black box and that will give us critical information about accidents, what was happening in the period of time immediately before an accident, including speed, the impacts, things along those lines.

Then we can then have our expert come and testify to in order to support our case for negligence on the behalf of the defendant.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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