Public Pool Injury

Slip and Fall at a Public Pool

In this video, Attorney Richard Nicotra discusses filing a slip and fall claim for a pool injury.  Contact one of our experienced slip and fall attorneys in Buffalo if you were injured.

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From time to time, we have gotten calls from clients who were injured when they slipped on floor surfaces or decks, either at a local pool or at a school. Those kinds of cases are very challenging because, by their very nature, those surfaces can be expected to be wet. Some issues do arise – such as when certain areas are wet when they should be dry walkways, or when they’re not maintained, or when entrance areas near exterior doors become treacherous because one can expect water, snow, or ice, to be tracked in. The exceptions to that general rule make it very challenging to bring a claim for a premises liability case, such as one in which water has accumulated around a pool deck or an area like that.

Out of Town Legal Resources

Our attorneys help the injured residents of New York recover compensation. With that said, we are always on the lookout for helpful legal resources in other areas of the country. We found these personal injury attorneys in Sandy Springs, GA that did a great job with their online legal resources. If you or someone you know needs more information about Georgia slip and fall claims, take a look at their online slip and fall injury resource page.