Recent Health Care Negligence Case

Buffalo injury attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent health care negligence case success story that resulted in a large settlement for our client.

Recent Health Care Negligence CaseI recently was involved in a case against a healthcare provider that was resolved approximately 30 days before trial. Prior to the resolution, the healthcare provider had taken a position that our clients were not entitled to anything. They maintained that position because it was their belief that their employees had acted reasonably in terms of providing care to my client.

When we went through extensive depositions in the case, we were able to uncover some documents that showed that employees were engaging in what we believed was fraudulent conduct in an attempt to overcome the clear evidence that they had neglected my client. After those depositions, the healthcare provider still maintained that they were not at fault, so we geared up to go to trial.

The trial was scheduled. We had final talks before the trial was to commence. During that time period, the healthcare provider brought in their top individuals, and we sat and went through a mediation. In that mediation, after explaining to them how it was going to go at the trial and convincing them, obviously, that they were going to have some serious problems, the case settled for a number in the seven-figures.

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