Recovering for a Construction Injury

Recovering for a Construction Injury

If you were seriously hurt on the job, you might be worried about how to handle your finances. With the help of an attorney, recovering for a construction injury can ease your financial worries.

Recovering for a Construction Injury | Available Benefits After a Construction Accident

In New York State, the benefits that are available after a construction accident initially include your Workers’ Compensation benefits. In New York State, Workers’ Compensation provides a portion of your income based on your level of disability. They also provide payment in full for your medical bills and treatments, if they are related to the accident at hand and there’s no apportionment for other injuries or claims.

After an accident at a construction site, you are to avail yourself of any Workers’ Compensation benefits. It’s an initial bundle of benefits and it’s designed to stay in play for as long as you need them or for the duration of your case. Oftentimes, once a case resolves, the Workers’ Compensation carrier will stop paying benefits for a period, depending on how big of a settlement you got, how that settlement was structured and what the settlement was geared to reimburse you for.

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Recovering for a Construction Injury | Determining the Value

It’s common to get questions from clients regarding their New York State construction accident case on how much is it worth. How do they value that case? What I tell them is that, although it’s your injury and it’s something that’s really critically important to you, you have to trust in your attorney. They are handling the New York State construction cases over and over again, and understand how to prepare the file, how to document and build a claim for you. Once it’s appropriate, they look at your claim, your treatment, anything that you’ve been through – your economic losses – and only then can they begin to discuss what the proper value might be, which reflects all those losses and harms that you’ve suffered as a result of this injury event.

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