What Are The First Things I Should Do If I Get In An Auto Accident?

  • Stay calm, assess the situation, and make sure nobody is seriously injured
  • Is your vehicle in a safe location? If safe to do so, move vehicle into a safe location
  • Take photos of accident scene, if possible, while waiting for the police to arrive
  • A police report should be made and kept if damage exceeds $1000, or if there are any injuries
  • Both parties should keep insurance and vehicle registration information within reach
  • Get a story and information any witnesses that may stop at the scene under the circumstances that one of the vehicle drivers changes their story after the occurrence
  • Record if the driver admits to fault or apologizes because they could deny it in court
  • Ask for an ambulance, along with police assistance, if needed because insurance will cover these bills
  • Wait for the police, ask for the report, and review it for any errors
  • You do not need to speak with either insurance company after the accident, but it is smart to speak with an attorney immediately

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