Winning a Motorcycle Accident Case

Winning a Motorcycle Accident Case

Winning a Motorcycle Accident CaseWinning a motorcycle accident case is a possibility if you are working with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Here is what you need to know about that.

Winning a Motorcycle Accident Case | Common Motorcycle Accidents

When someone is in a motorcycle accident, the types of injuries sustained are often different than those in a typical car accident. Often you get road rash or road burn from your skin in contact with the pavement or concrete as you’re skidding across it. There are crushing injuries from the bike being laid down on top of you. If there’s an impact with another vehicle or a curb or a tree, there are the impact accidents which can break bones, cause head traumas and then, of course, the back and neck disk herniation injuries because of your spine being torqued because of the initial impact or being thrown off the bike.

Winning a Motorcycle Accident Case | Possible Compensation

Clients who are involved in motorcycle accidents usually ask us what type of compensation they are entitled to as a result of being injured while driving a motorcycle. Initially, of course, the pain and suffering component is important. Also economic loss; any lost wages that were caused as a direct result of the motorcycle accident. Also though, which is typically unique to motorcycles as opposed to cars, are the medical bills. Because you are not protected by the New York State no fault insurance or the no fault statute, medical bills become the responsibility of the person who is injured. We look to the other car for any medical payments provisions, but then also add as a component to your claim any unpaid medical bills that were caused by your crash.

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Winning a Motorcycle Accident Case | Success Story

A recent result was regarding a young man who was involved in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, he sustained many of the injuries that we talk about on our other videos for people who are in these types of crashes; road rash, a knee injury, a shoulder injury because they just don’t have the same protections as a car passenger would. In this particular case, we were able to get the entire policy from the offending driver and we were also able to look towards his own additional underinsured protection and were able to secure the entire remaining policy for that. That was a great result for somebody who was involved in a motorcycle accident recently.

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