Injured in Downtown Buffalo

Injured in Downtown Buffalo

Injured in Downtown BuffaloWere you injured in downtown Buffalo? The Queen City these past few years has boomed with growth and is flourishing, but with more people, construction, and activity, there is more chance you could get injured. Here is what you should know.

Injured in Downtown Buffalo | Falling Debris from a Building

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, I’ve had some cases where clients have been injured by way of falling debris from a building. The one thing that we need to know from the get go is what happened, how it happened, but as far as the client goes, it’s not your concern. Those things do not occur in the absence of some negligence. Whether or not there’s equipment or construction materials that weren’t secured properly, whether there was a crew working on the building of the roof, we do the investigation. From your standpoint we pursue a claim against anybody who may have had a hand in either the work that was being done or the inappropriate maintenance that may have allowed certain things to fall or any construction company or contractor who may have been working up there or who left materials at the end of the day.

Injured in Downtown Buffalo | Recreational Injuries

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Attorney, sometimes I get calls from clients who are injured recreationally, whether they be on a Canalside or ice skating at Buffalo Place. The answer really depends on what the condition was that caused the fall or the injury, who contributed to creating that dangerous condition, and whether or not you had notice of it before you fell. With all of these particular claims they are very fact specific, so hiring an attorney immediately is important for the investigation phase.  Also, because a municipality is involved in some regard in most of these recreational facilities, they require an early notice called a notice of claim within 90 days.

Injured in Downtown Buffalo | Being Hit by a Car on a Bike

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, sometimes I get calls from clients regarding injuries or accidents that occur while they’re on a bicycle in a bike path. In the last couple years, Buffalo has become on the cutting edge of this biking trend, and we’re seeing more bicycles on the road, but also the car traffic hasn’t decreased generally. The same with a car accident, if possible try and photo document whatever has occurred, get names of any witnesses who are around you or near you. One of the things that you need to do is have somebody else there maybe try and collect information for you as far as a witness or a couple of photos before the bicycle is moved, before the cars are moved. Things like that are critical in a bicycle car accident.

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