3 Boat Accident Questions

Were you or your family injured on a boat? Check out these 3 boat accident questions that we get often, then call our Buffalo lawyers today.

1) Who is Liable After a Boat Accident?

3 Boat Accident QuestionsWe get calls from people that have boating accident injuries and some of their first questions are, “Who is responsible?”, “Who’s liable?”, “Who shares fault for it?” Typically, what we look to see is who the boat owner is and who the boat operator is. Both of those people have direct responsibility for any accidents that occur due to the negligence of the operator.

Also, if the boat was rented and the rental company did not properly vet who will be driving it; give proper instructions, proper warnings, and that played a part, then they would also share liability. Really, the analysis that we do initially is to look for any and all players or people that might have some fault in the actual happening of the accident.

2) Does it Matter if I Signed a Boat Rental Waiver?

We get calls from people who are injured after they’ve signed a waiver, when it comes to renting a boat or things like that. It does matter what the waiver says, and what you are agreeing to.

Generally speaking, somebody is not allowed to waive or to contract away their gross negligence. Even though you signed a waiver, if the company or the person who’s having you sign that does something affirmatively to cause injury or accident, then that waiver is typically thrown out.

3) Do I Have a Claim If I was Injured in a Jetski Accident?

We get calls from people who are injured in jet ski accidents and one of the things they ask is, what rights do they have and do they have a claim for injury? That really does depend on what the cause of that injury was.

In New York State, if you are injured during a recreational activity, there are certain protections that prevent lawsuits if the injury sustained was one that would be predicted or foreseen in doing that activity.

However, if a boat, let’s say, crosses your path or another jet skier hits you and you are injured through the fault of somebody else, then that is where we would look for the liability portion of your claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident, check out these 3 boat accident questions that we are often asked. Then, contact our Buffalo Boat Accident Lawyers today to set up a free consultation and case evaluation and get started on your case today.

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