3 Boating Accident Tips

The Three Things You Need to Know if You’ve Been in a Boating Accident

It is a well-known fact that New Yorkers adore the warmer weather and the longer daylight hours that come with summer. Once June hits, people from Buffalo to Batavia all flock to the water every chance they have. After all, what better way is there to beat the heat than by swimming in Lake Erie or sunbathing by the Niagara River?

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With the summery surge in turnout at New York’s many waterfronts, though, comes a higher risk of injury. The swell in crowds on beaches and in lakes and rivers means that a lot of people will have to vie for a limited amount of space, and accidents can occur both in and out of the water. If you find yourself affected by a boating accident, there are a few things that you should know.

1. Boating Accidents and Car Accidents Produce Many Similar Injuries.
Boating Accidents and Car Accidents Produce Many Similar Injuries.
Alcohol use, extreme speeds, and dangerous conditions are all common causes for car accidents, but the U.S. Coast Guard lists them as culprits for boating accidents as well. The most common types of injuries boating accidents are contusions, bumps, and bruises, but broken bones, head injuries, and traumatic brain injuries can also occur. However, boats do not have the same amount of protection as motor vehicles do, so there are more impact-related accidents with boats than with automobiles.

2. After You Receive Medical Attention, Document Everything You Can.
After You Receive Medical Attention, Document Everything You Can.
Once your more urgent wounds have been treated by a professional, it is imperative that your write down and photograph everything related to the incident. Take photos of any bruises, damages, or injuries you have received, and try and put together a short journal entry or write down witness names. This information might help one of our boat injury lawyers Buffalo to complete an investigation because there are two key aspects to every case: who caused the accident, and what the resulting injuries entailed.

3. You Have Three Years to File a Claim, but the Legwork Begins Now.
You Have Three Years to File a Claim, but the Legwork Begins NowIf you are injured in a boating accident due to somebody else’s carelessness or negligence, the owner of that boat or the operator of that boat is legally responsible for your injuries. A three-year statute of limitations covers general negligence in a boating accident, so there is plenty of time to file a lawsuit. However, your attorney can be an indispensable aid for helping you to gather information. The most important elements of a case are often established through early investigation, and providing your injury attorney with interviews and the sharing facts about the incident can only help with your case.

Summer can bring with it a prerogative to head to the nearest beach or river, but it is crucial to take care of yourself and stay safe. But if you are sailing on Lake Ontario or visiting Horseshoe Falls up close, and you sustain injuries in a sudden boating accident, it is your responsibility to ensure that you immediately receive necessary medical treatment. If you choose to pursue legal action, you need to know your legal rights, and one of our experienced boat injury lawyers Buffalo can help guide you through the lawsuit process.  Download our boat injury accident guide to help you further understand your rights.

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