3 Nursing Home Negligence Tips

Is your loved one being exposed to negligence in a nursing home? Check out these 3 nursing home negligence tips, then call our lawyers today.

1. Nursing Home Neglect Law

  • 3 Nursing Home Negligence TipsThere are specific local and federal laws that protect nursing home residents
  • Laws are used to protect nursing home residents and to give them compensation
  • There are specific actions taken for nursing home neglect

2. Documenting Nursing Home Injuries

  • Evidence should be collected quickly, considering that elders don’t have the best memory skills
  • Use your cell phone for pictures, to keep track dates and times, and to record lucid moments
  • You want to capture any evidence that you can for the sake of your loved ones

3. Mistakes To Avoid in Nursing Home Neglect Cases

The most common mistakes to avoid in nursing home neglect cases we come across often are the family’s dealing action. They don’t want to believe the worst-case scenario even though the evidence is in front of them. I’ve had a number of clients in the past say, “I wish I had taken photos of those sores or those bruises before they healed up, but because my father or mother is not communicating very well, we didn’t realize that that pattern was actually abuse until it was too late”.
If you have a real strong gut feeling that something is wrong, often you’re right, and it’s at that time that you need to start documenting what’s happening. Start asking the right questions and have your loved one request copies of their own records, so you can get a copy of those things to preserve them.   You don’t want them deleted and you don’t want them to disappear.

I’m not saying that any nursing home would ever do that, however, you have the security in knowing that you have these records as they are, unchanged.  This gives the you the ability to preserve whatever information or evidence that you might need to show your attorney when you’re telling them what’s happening to your loved one.

Is your loved one being exposed to negligence in a nursing home? Check out these 3 nursing home negligence tips, then call our Buffalo Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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