Black Ice Car Accidents

In Buffalo, we’re used to snow, but when temperatures drop, black ice car accidents are a serious threat. If you’ve been hurt in a vehicle due to black ice or other poor road conditions, contact our Buffalo injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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On occasion, we’ll get a call from a potential client who was involved in a car accident where they were the driver. One scenario is; they lost control of their vehicle on an icy roadway and spun out, struck a guard rail, and unfortunately sustained pretty serious injuries. In that circumstance, after an investigation of that particular section of roadway, we had made a determination, in our opinion, that that driver had been driving too fast for those conditions. We were unable to bring a claim for them. However, they were still fully entitled to the no-fault benefits under the insurance law, which does provide the wage benefit, the medical to cover your medical bills, and mileage reimbursement for a period of time.

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The insurance companies are familiar with us, and the fact that our attorneys are willing to take all of our cases to a jury trial. Unlike other Buffalo auto accident attorneys, we will not accept a quick settlement just to move on to the next case. We will fight for every ounce of compensation that our clients deserve.