Choosing A Doctor After an Accident

What Doctor Should I See After a Car Accident?

In this video, Attorney Richard Nicotra discusses tips on choosing a doctor after an accident.  Contact one of our experienced injury attorneys  in Buffalo if you were injured.

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Sometimes, clients ask us what type of doctor to see after they’re involved in an accident. Our typical advice is, “Go to whatever specialist focuses on your type of injury.” Usually, in cases involving bone or joint injuries, certain orthopedic doctors will focus either on the spine, upper extremities, or lower extremities. Some doctors fine tune their practice more narrowly – perhaps focusing entirely on the hand and wrist. Orthopedics is a highly focused and specialized area and, typically, those guys know what they’re doing because they dedicate their entire career and life to one area of the body.

We talk to clients about what’s bothering them, what areas are injured, and what types of injuries they have. Then, we advise them on what type of specialist might best take care of them. Sometimes, those offices will require a backup referral from the client’s primary care doctor, but they traditionally specialize in treating traumatic injury.