Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What Damages Can Be Recovered In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Do you have questions about what damages can be recovered in commercial vehicle accidents? Dedicated Buffalo injury attorney Richard Nicotra explains in the following educational video. Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

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We get calls from prospective clients who were hit by large trucks, whether they be tractor trailers or big dump trucks – commercial vehicles. The damages that they can collect are similar to if it was another private vehicle that struck them. However, there are a couple factors that are special to those kinds of accidents.

First of all, the insurance coverages available are traditionally much more significant because their vehicle is being driven either for a corporation or for an ongoing business. Also, those trucks are required to carry certain records and log books to confirm both the weight during operation, safety inspections, state log books regarding how long they’ve been behind the wheel. Those are all areas that we look to in discovery to try and see whether or not that truck was being violated, not just inappropriately at that second, but also if that driver was behind the wheel for too long, for example, or if they were carrying too heavy a load. That’s important because the braking system on these vehicles are designed to be able to stop certain weights at certain speeds. If they are overweight, or overladen, that could drastically affect the stopping distance, and can affect also, then, that driver’s negligence in the accident.

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