Defective Roadway Injury

Injured in an Auto Accident Caused by a Defective Roadway

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly discusses what you should do if you suffered an injury caused by a defective roadway.  Contact one of our experienced Buffalo personal injury attorneys if you were injured.

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Oftentimes, especially in this part of the state, and throughout this part of the country, a lot of potholes open up in the roads – particularly around certain times of the year, such as a spring that follows a nasty winter. Those potholes can sometimes cause car accidents, and serious injuries can occur as a result. Accidents could also be caused by construction work, or other things that affect the road’s condition. Maybe an adjacent landowner has done something that’s caused a defect in the roadway and that defect may have thrown your vehicle off course, or caused you to go down into a deep sinkhole and be violently shaken about in your car. We’ve handled many such claims before.

Your claim may be against the landowner, or it may be against the municipality, depending on which municipality owned or operated that particular roadway. Also, it could be that the county, the city, the state, or a local municipality is responsible, depending on the location. If you give us a call, we can talk about that and walk you through it. Then, we’ll let you know what your rights are, tell you who we think you might have a claim against, and follow through with you to make sure we get the appropriate paperwork filed. Sometimes, filing deadlines can be very, very short – even as short as 90 days – during which you must get in a written notice of your claim, and we’ll help you out with that as well.