Dropped Case

Another Attorney Dropped My Case, Can You Help Me

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses how our lawyers can help you if you are dealing with a dropped case by another lawyer.  Contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in Buffalo if you were injured.

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There are a number of reasons why law firms may drop clients. Quite often, the law firm may drop a case when the case becomes difficult and requires a tremendous amount of work. I can assure you that we do not drop cases because of reasons like these. We carefully examine the cases that come into our firm to determine whether the previous attorney had a legitimate reason to drop the case. Sometimes we review cases that merely do not have negligent components or in which our potential clients’ injuries are not sufficient. In those cases, we would agree with the attorney who dropped the case. In my experience, however, there are a multitude of law firms that will drop cases because the cases become difficult, and not for any legitimate reason.

When a case is put into litigation, attorneys must work hard to get money on those cases, especially when an insurance company denies the fact that it wants to pay on those cases. In those cases, we will look at the medical records and see if we can, based on our knowledge of the medicals, argue that the person’s injuries fall within the category of serious injury, as defined by our statutes. Another law firm’s choice to drop a case does not mean that the case is worthwhile; rather, it sometimes shows that the case required more work than the other law firm was willing to put into it.