Industrial Accident Settlement Timeline

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How long will my industrial accident case take?


Industrial Accident Settlement Timeline Resolution of industrial claims are often longer than most types of injury claims. Typically, in an industrial accident, the issues are much more involved than a slip and fall or car accident case, specifically when it comes to establishing liability. In industrial accidents, there are oftentimes many different parties that have their hands in the potential negligence of an incident. As a result of that, we tend to have many more depositions in industrial accidents, much more discovery and, as a result of that, it is a slower pace at which they proceed. The other thing that slows these cases down a bit is that we need to have multiple experts.
What I tell my clients, particularly in these types of cases, is this is not a race to the finish. The job that needs to be done by attorneys, particularly in these types of cases, has to be thorough. These cases typically take a little bit longer, and they need to take longer if you’re going to do a thorough job.

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