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Slip and Fall at a Bus Stop in Buffalo

Personal Injury Attorney Buffalo NY

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  • If a client has been injured in a fall at or near a bus stop, and that injury is due to the condition of the actual structure, the NFTA, which is responsible for maintaining those facilities, can be held accountable.
  • Photos should be taken and a full report made to the NFTA (we can do this for you), so call your attorney first. We have only 90 days to formalize your claim and will begin our investigation immediately.
  • Claims arising out of maintenance or upkeep – or the structure itself – are based on the bus company’s responsibility to keep their facilities in order.

Download Our Free Slip and Fall Guide

Did you slip and fall at a bus stop and severely injure yourself? Let our dedicated accident attorney, Richard Nicotra guide you through the claim.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, slip and fall or any other personal injury caused by another’s negligence, it is extremely important to contact a Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney to fight for you and your family.

Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra are dedicated personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY representing individuals who have been injured.  We never back down in a fight against the insurance companies, and will use our trial skills to win your case.

Download Our Free Slip and Fall Guide

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