Slip and Fall / Negligence / Personal Injury


My grandmother and I live in an apartment complex, this morning she slipped and fell down the steps and on to the sidewalk. This particular staircase has had a huge chunk of marble missing from one of the top steps and I had notified the office several times to get it fixed, both verbally and in writing. There was a maintenance man working on it yesterday and during our conversation, he said that he had to hurry up and he was off work in 15 minutes.  As I was rushing downstairs to help my grandmother, I noticed the “fixed” chunk a few feet away on the grass.  Injuries include three broken teeth, concussion, two sprained ankles, and a multitude of scratches and bruises. The office is refusing to speak with us.


Your grandmother has a strong case, as there was notice to the landowner.  Pictures should be taken immediately.  The written notice letters to the landlord will be extremely important.

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