Slippery Winter Conditions

Slippery Winter Conditions

Have you been seriously injured due to slippery winter conditions? You may have a claim if there was negligence that lead to your slip and fall. Here is what you should know.

Slippery Winter Conditions | Slip and Fall on Slush at a Store Entryway

There are cases and laws on point regarding the obligations of the premise’s owner, but also protections regarding what they are obligated to do. If there’s a storm in progress, depending on the severity of the snowfall and the duration of the storm, it can temporarily alleviate certain duties of a premises owner while that storm is in progress.

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Slippery Winter Conditions | Slip and Fall on an Un-shoveled Sidewalk

Most municipalities do not impose a duty upon the homeowners to clear snow. However, once a homeowner undertakes that task, and they begin to do the snow removal, they must do so in a non-negligent manner. They can’t just leave a sheet of ice after removing the snow because often the snow provides traction to people walking on it.

If a homeowner does shovel their sidewalk or doesn’t maintain it properly, and they create an icy condition based upon their actions, then you would certainly have a potential claim.

Slippery Winter Conditions | Icy Bus Stop Slip and Fall

There can be many different people or entities that may be involved or liable if there’s a dangerous condition that’s not maintained around a bus stops. The bus company has a responsibility to maintain those structures. Depending on where the incident may occur, the city or town may also have some responsibility if they may have cleared the ice or snow in a negligent manner.

Once somebody takes affirmative action to take steps towards remedying a situation like snow accumulation, they must do so in a non-negligent manner. If there’s an ice buildup there, either by way of poor drainage, improper drainage, or if there was improper snow removal that was done that caused a very icy, slick surface for an area where they know that customers or pedestrians are going to be waiting, then there’s potential liability there.

If you were seriously injured because of slippery winter conditions, please call one of our Buffalo slip and fall attorneys today for a free consultation.

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