Snowmobile Accident

Not everyone who operates a snowmobile is qualified to ride one, especially with alcohol involved. Snowmobile accident injuries are often severe and avoidable. If you’ve been injured in a snowmobile accident, contact our Buffalo injury attorneys for a free consultation.

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We get calls from potential clients who are injured in snowmobile accidents. These cases are a bit trickier because it’s a recreational activity. There are certain laws on the books in New York state that will prevent, for example, trail owners and operators from negligence for injuries or accidents sustained by somebody using that trail because it is deemed often to be inherently part of that sport or recreation. There are exceptions to that rule though, these impose further obligations on the property owner if they did something in a negligent matter. For example, they may have created a trail that was too dangerous for people that were participating.

Just sustaining an injury without it being somebody else’s fault, will not give rise to a claim for negligence. Even if there is some, then your attorney has to do an analysis under the General Obligations Law to see if you potentially have a claim against that property owner or the trail maintainer.

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