Start Your Slip and Fall Claim Before It’s Too Late

Have you been injured from a fall? Make sure you start your slip and fall claim before it’s too late! Give our Buffalo lawyers a call today.

First Things You Should Do if You Slip and Fall on Ice

  • Start Your Slip and Fall Claim Before It's Too LateDuring the winter, clients call us with complaints of injuries caused by falls on slippery surfaces asking, “What are the first things we should do?”
  • We advise them to take proper physical care of themselves first and to get any needed medical treatment.
  • We also recommend that, presuming they are physically able, they collect photo and/or video evidence at the scene and include potentially relevant nearby items.

Three Tips for Senior Citizens to Avoid Falling in the Winter

  • We like to help people with suggestions that can help them avoid accidents, and advise frail or older people, and those who have been in other accidents, to take extra care.
  • Certain degrees of surface slope can be dangerous, so we advise people to use appropriate walking apparatus and add accessories to enhance their grip. Shoes with built-in grips or spikes – or cleats that can be attached to shoes – are also helpful.
  • It is very important to look out for glares or other ice-slick conditions.

My Child Slipped and Fell on Icy School Bleachers

  • Parents of children injured on school facilities are advised to meet with us as soon as possible because – especially when a school system is involved – the notice-of-claim issue is very time-sensitive. In fact, they must be put on formal notice within 90 days.
  • It is important to secure information regarding dangerous conditions before it disappears. Photos of the area are essential, and information or admissions by maintenance personnel and/or witnesses can be extremely helpful.
  • It is important to collect as much information as possible because snow and ice claims can be tricky.

If you have been seriously injured from a slip and fall caused by another’s negligence, it is extremely important to start your slip and fall claim before it’s too late! Contact our Buffalo Slip and Fall Lawyers to fight for you and schedule your free legal consultation and case evaluation.

Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra are dedicated personal injury attorneys in Buffalo NY representing individuals who have been injured.  We never back down in a fight against the insurance companies, and will use our trial skills to win your case.

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