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We had a case that went extremely well despite a very difficult fact pattern and some challenging issues regarding the medical treatment and diagnosis. This was a non-surgical case where we had a client slip and fall on an icy condition which occurred at a property that they were claiming had heated sidewalks and had crews that were working before the fall. There was video coverage of their efforts and again, the client happened to fall on ice in Buffalo which in of itself presents one of the most difficult fact patterns.

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Being a non-surgical case, it tends to affect the value greatly because not only juries but insurance companies and insurance adjusters tend not to value a non-surgical injury any where near what they would if you had surgery. We were not getting any solid feedback from the insurance company and they simply were not interested in dealing with us or putting up what we thought was a fair number. The case went into suit, through depositions, medical exams, hiring an economic expert, vocational rehabilitation expert, and then in motion practice we actually hired a meteorologist and also a property manager expert. Based on these efforts we were able to successfully mediate the case and get a result of $325 thousand dollars when the offers has been at zero for so many years. That’s one of our recent success stories.

This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, one of our experienced Buffalo NY Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers.

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