Tenant Safety and Landlord Liability

Were you injured on someone else’s property? Watch this video by Buffalo Injury Attorney Robert Maranto to learn more about tenant safety and landlord liability.

A question that’s been posed to me is as to whether a landlord can be held responsible for having inadequate security at a place that they rent. The simple answer to that question, is yes. When we’re talking about premise liability cases, we deal with pretty much the same issues, is whether the landlord acted reasonably under the circumstances. In order to determine whether a landlord could be held responsible for an act of another, which causes injuries to a tenant, we need to look at what the landlord knows or should know. In other words, if in the same complex, or in the same apartment building or apartment, there have been multiple situations where individuals have had assaults, or if there are drugs, we would impute that knowledge to the actual landlord. In other words, the landlord would know that there’s a heightened risk at that point.

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If that’s the case and there are areas that are also known or should be known that could create a situation where the individual could be injured (like a stairwell that’s not lit up) then we would look to the landlord to pay for the injuries because they should have taken remedial measures to make sure that our client is safe and that their landlord makes sure they’re safe by implementing proper measures.
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