Under Insurance Success Story

Successful Case Involving Under Insurance

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent successful accident case involving under insurance.  Contact one of our experienced car accident lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

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Another recent case illustrates how our firm is different from all firms in Western New York. A client of ours was being represented by another attorney, and this attorney had settled the primary part of the case against the car that struck our client for $25,000. Our client had a thing called under insurance, which is available to everybody in the insurance policies in her or his car. That under insurance permitted our client to receive a maximum of $75,000 of additional funds. There was an offer made of $20,000, and the attorney was strongly encouraging our client to accept that sum because the next step in the process would have otherwise been arbitration or a lawsuit.

The client knew that her injuries were worth well in excess of $20,000, and she was displeased with the pressure that was being put on her to accept the offer. When we took over the case, we analyzed and prepared the medical records, and we ultimately determined that the case should not be resolved for anything less than the full $75,000 left on her policy. We put this case into a posture that permitted us to advise the new adjuster of our client’s significant injuries, as we felt that they may not have been considered in the underlying case. The insurance company finally offered our client the full $75,000 as listed on her insurance policy, and the case was resolved.