When Another Driver Has an Accident in Your Car

In this educational video, experienced Buffalo injury lawyer Robert Maranto explains who is liable when another driver has an accident in your car.

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In New York state, if someone else is driving your car and is involved in a car accident, that is their fault and you can still be held at fault. In New York state, we have a statute which is – Vehicle and Traffic Law 388, Subsection 1, which says that if you provide your keys or permission to someone to use your vehicle and they’re involved in an accident, you are responsible. The key issue in those cases is whether the individual has been given permission or not. In the event that someone takes your car without permission – it doesn’t just necessarily mean that someone stole the vehicle, it means that permission was not granted – then, you may not be held responsible. There are a number of legal issues that come into play in these types of cases. However, the general rule is that someone driving your vehicle, who is involved in an accident, they’re at fault, and you become vicariously liable for their actions.

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