3 Truck Accident Tips

Were you or a loved one hurt in a truck accident? Check out these 3 truck accident tips for guidance, then call our Buffalo lawyers for help.

1. Truck Accident Insurance Investigation

3 Truck Accident TipsWe tell all of our clients who call after a truck accident never to talk to the insurance company under any circumstances, whether it be their own carrier or the other carrier. Once a client retains us, we handle all of the correspondence, telephone calls, information exchange and anything that is either required by their own carrier or information that we think might be beneficial to them regarding the other carrier contact. Whether it be regarding the property damage for their car or any other losses that might be covered by the insurance companies, the advice is always the same consistently: do not engage in any communication with the insurance companies.

A lot of clients think that they’re helping and moving the case forward by responding to emails from insurance companies. I tell the clients to always give us the information involving any and all information for contact of both insurance companies at our first meeting, whether it be by email or telephone, or any other method whatsoever; paper mail is very common as well. We respond to all those methods, keep the insurance adjusters informed, but keep our client out of the loop regarding the contact or communication with either insurance company.

2. Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

What’s important to know when you’re involved in a trucking accident is which attorney to hire. I tell all the clients that we talk to, when you meet with your attorney, it should be an interview of the attorney, not so much an interview of the client.

You should ask your attorney at that first meeting when their last trial was, when they are picking a jury next, and what kind of results they have gotten with the cases that are similar in nature to yours. I think that when the attorney answers those questions, it’s going to differentiate attorneys and firms in a very stark, contrasting way.

3. Truck Accident Settlement Offers

Sometimes a potential client will call and ask us if they should take the first offer made by a trucking company or a commercial trucking company. The answer is always, “No.” We are in the business of trying to maximize that recovery for you, and the trucking company or their insurance carrier is in the business of saving money for their company and also providing a benefit to their stockholders. In that case, they have a direct opposite view and role of what their goals are in relation to you and your injuries, which can be devastating.

It can cause a loss of income for you and your family. It can affect you physically with limitations and injuries forever. Not accepting that initial offer is a critical move, and not signing anything without having an attorney review it is also really critical to protecting you and your family.

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