Common Mistakes After a Rideshare Accident

Were you seriously injured in an Uber or Lyft vehicle? Watch this video to learn what common mistakes after a rideshare accident in Buffalo.


What mistakes should I avoid after a rideshare accident?


I would say that the biggest mistakes that people make after rideshare accidents would be similar to mistakes that are made after any type of motor vehicle accident. Number one, it’s incredibly important that any of the documents that are being filled out from the no-fault perspective are done correctly. These documents cannot over or understate the injuries.

The second major mistake is that people want to tell others about their injuries or how the accident happened. A lot of people do this through various means, such as social media. I tell all my clients to refrain from social media. In fact, I tell my clients to make sure that all their social media is private so insurance companies cannot have free access to them. It is incredibly important that you do not talk to the driver of the vehicle that you are in after a rideshare accident. That person is a potential defendant in the case and has the ability to testify against you. Minimal communication with that individual is important.

The final thing that people do is not contacting an attorney quick enough. Because rideshare accidents are a nuanced system, there are certain requirements that can have a negative impact on the case going forward if not done properly and quickly.

Were you or a loved one injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle and have questions about the common mistakes after a rideshare accident to avoid?
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