Car Accident Injury Mistakes

You may be wondering what the best move is following a car accident. Of course, seeking medical attention for your injuries is essential to your safety. If you are injured from a car accident, you may be feeling angry and worried about what happens next. Here are some car accident injury mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Car Accident Injury Mistakes Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys LawyersSome of the most common car accident injury mistakes that we see with people who are in auto accidents take place shortly after the accident. Sometimes your insurance company, or even the other driver’s insurance company, will call to get your statement. We tell our clients not to give any statements without the attorney present (either in the room or on a conference call) when an insurance company calls them. These companies will try to ask questions that are not helpful to the case and are sometimes misleading. In these instances, if they trick you into saying something, we are stuck with that recorded statement because the client gave it freely.

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Other car accident injury mistakes that some people make is forgetting to take photos of the accident scene itself. We had one client come in with photos of the cars as they sat after the impact. That alone was critical to proving to the other driver’s insurance company that the story their insured was giving them was completely false and it allowed us to show them that their insured was at fault and they needed to pay our property damage as well as (eventually) the pain and suffering bodily injury recovery.

By taking these measures and actions, you will be avoiding some of the biggest car accident injury mistakes that we commonly see. It will be of benefit to you and your personal injury case follow these simple guidelines.

If you have any further concerns about car accident injury mistakes to avoid, please call our Buffalo office today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

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