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Hit Walking Across The Street

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly Explains how you can recovery from an injury if you were hit walking across the street.  Contact one of our experienced Buffalo accident attorneys if you were injured.

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Unfortunately, accidents in which pedestrians are struck are the ones that result in the most significant injuries. When someone, obviously totally unprotected, is struck by a vehicle, the result can be horrific injuries. Those accidents oftentimes involve the most debilitating and long-lasting injuries that we see, including fractures and other very severe traumas. Obviously, the victim’s first priority is to seek immediate medical treatment. That’s first and foremost, and filing the no-fault application is next.

The no-fault claim would typically address the owner of the vehicle that actually caused the injuries. As opposed to accidents in which multiple vehicles are involved – where the no-fault would run through the vehicle you’re in – this is a case where the no-fault would run through the vehicle that struck you.

As the injured person, you would have, essentially, two claims. First, your claim for no-fault benefits covers your medical expenses, wages, and certain other things for which the vehicle’s insurance would pay. Then, you’d also have a claim for bodily injury against the owner of that vehicle, which would compensate you for personal injuries that may or may not have resulted directly from the collision itself. It’s very important to submit that document immediately, especially in this type of case in which you’re dealing with a carrier who considers you an adversary right from the get-go. If you don’t get that document in within 30 days, they’re just not going to pay the bills.

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