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Pedestrian Accident Claims

Were you injured while crossing the street? Watch this video to learn about pedestrian accident claims and how to protect your rights if you’re injured.

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What Can I Do If I Was Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian?


I get clients who ask, “How does a car versus pedestrian claim differ from that of a regular auto accident claim in New York state?” There are some basic similarities in that the pedestrian does get no-fault benefits, what they call from the car that struck them initially. Of course, accessed levels of insurance might be available through your own personal policy. How they differ is also important. When it involves a pedestrian, usually we’re dealing with walking rights of way, crosswalks, intersections, and what the drive should or should have seen or what they did see. That would add properly to it.Pedestrian Accident ClaimsWhenever it’s a pedestrian, it adds a known layer of investigation regarding negligence: the happening of it, what the fields of view were, what the lighting was, and the location of the pedestrian either on the street or walkway at the time. Also, were there any witnesses? This becomes critically important with a pedestrian case because, with a car, you can see the points of impact. You can’t necessarily see the points of impact on the human body.

All of these things can help us establish how an accident happened or at least where it happened. With car versus pedestrian, there often is lacking physical evidence unless a pedestrian does some damage to the actual sheet metal or glass of the car. There are certain things that go into a pedestrian-vehicle accident that must be investigated immediately before that evidence is lost.

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