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Pedestrian Accident Damages

Pedestrians are defenseless against injuries when struck by a motor vehicle. Watch this video to learn about pedestrian accident damages you may be able to recover.

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What are the damages in a pedestrian versus car accident claim?


One of the things that we see when we’re accessing damages in a pedestrian versus car accident in New York state really involves the nature and extent of the damages and how bad the injuries are. They really can be much worse, so the value of your case is often based upon fault, shared fault or a balance of that, as well as how bad the injuries are.Pedestrian Accident DamagesThe damages in a pedestrian versus car accident case can be much more significant in New York state because they are not protected by any structure. They don’t have that protection of an airbag or a seat belt. The pedestrian really is defenseless against a car that’s always a couple thousand pounds of steel, plastic, and glass.

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