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Pedestrian Accident Insurance Negotiations

After an injury, insurance companies don’t always come to the table in a reasonable manner. Watch this video to learn about pedestrian accident insurance negotiations.

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Should I talk to the insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


A common question we get from new clients is, “If I was involved as a pedestrian with a car, and I was injured in an accident, should I talk to their insurance company?” The answer is no. Do not talk to them. Let your attorney handle it. They may ask you a series of questions that might be detrimental to your case due to how they ask them.Pedestrian Accident Insurance NegotiationsEven if it wasn’t your fault, they will phrase them in certain ways that might not be beneficial to you. Never speak to them on your own behalf. Have an attorney do it for you because that first interview, how it goes, the questions that are asked, the answers that are given, could really color how the claim is handled and what kind of a result you get down the road.

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