Out of State Drivers Insurance

What Happens if An Out of State Driver Hits Me?

In this video, Attorney Richard Nicotra explains what you can do if you were involved in an accident caused by out of state drivers with no insurance.  Contact one of our experienced accident attorneys in Buffalo if you were injured.

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We sometimes get calls from clients who were injured in a car accident that involved an out-of-state driver. The good news is that, once they cross into New York State, the insurance department considers certain minimum benefits to be applicable, which means that at least New York State’s minimums will be there to protect you. Sometimes, that can be an advantage because other jurisdictions, like Canada for example, have much higher minimum limits. When drivers come into New York State and cause harm, you still have a claim based in New York State. Jurisdiction typically remains in the county where you reside, or where the accident occurred, not in Canada, but you get the benefit of the insurance coverage and policies they carried from home.

With other states, that comparison is pretty easy. If it’s a Canadian policy, however, the exchange rate comes into play because they purchased their policy with Canadian dollars and they were insured in that currency. That can affect the outcome in certain cases, but the good news is that you’re still protected by New York State’s law regarding the minimums required for insurance carriers. You will also look to your own carrier to provide basic no-fault benefits to keep your nose above water and help you survive while you’re treating and getting better.