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Rear End Collision in AmherstQuestion:

My son got hit from behind in Amherst, New York and the police were called.  The police were so nasty to my son, they told him to get back in the car or they would arrest him. All my son was trying to do was get the other driver’s information so we can get in contact with their insurance company.  I have called for the last few days to get the number and the police report, but the officer hasn’t done the report yet.  What should I do?

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Sometimes the police reports take a few days to generate. But are you certain that the police officer made the effort to create a police report?
Even without the report, your son may still be able to make a claim. Was he able to get the other driver’s information? Were there any security cameras on the outside of any stores or homes in the area?
I advise clients as a Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney that If the accident resulted in either personal injury or property damage in excess of $1000 then the police officer should have made out a police accident report. If it is not done then you may make a complaint to a supervising officer who may be able to help.

Were you in a car accident that resulted in a rear end collision in Amherst, NY? If so, contact our experienced Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys to schedule your first free confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

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