What Factors Impact the Value of a Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured badly, it’s important to know what factors impact the value of a personal injury case. Call our Buffalo lawyers now!

Clients whom we represent eventually get to the point where they ask: what is the value of my case, what is my case worth? That is not something that you can easily put a number particularly early on. It is something that you get to become familiar with over the course of your representation of the person. And there are a number of factors that play into determination.

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  • How serious the is the injury that the client suffered
  • What impact does that have on the client’s disability
  • What can they do
  • What can’t they do
  • What kind of activities of daily living are impacted by their injury
  • Can they work
  • Liability.

Is it a clear case of liability or does the defendant and the insurance company have some significant arguments that they can make to counter the claim of negligence.

That has to be taken into consideration and then overriding all of this is, what is the insurance coverage available for this particular incident? Is there enough insurance coverage available to fully compensate the person for the injury sustained?  All of these factors play into a lawyer’s determination as to what value is placed on the case.

This blog was provided by Benjamin J. Andrews, an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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