5 Common Motorcycle Accident Questions

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, check out these 5 common motorcycle accident questions. Then, call our attorneys.

1) Are Motorcycles Covered Under No Fault?

5 Common Motorcycle Accident QuestionsI get a number of calls from people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents either operating the motorcycle, being a passenger – or sometimes even as a pedestrian who has been struck by one. The answer to their question, “What benefits are available to me?” differs depending on the questioner’s role in that accident. New York State exempts motorcycle drivers and passengers from receiving no-fault medical insurance benefits because the activity itself is considered to be inherently dangerous. However, motorcyclists are allowed to purchase certain amounts of medical payment coverage on their policy of insurance for a motorcycle, but those amounts are typically very small – generally totaling around $5,000 in medical payments for a rider – as opposed to the basic no-fault medical benefit available to a car operator of $50,000.

There is, however, a specific exception if you’re a pedestrian. In the rare case when a pedestrian is struck by a motorcycle, they actually do have access to New York
State’s no-fault benefit. That means a pedestrian’s medical benefits, wages, and mileage to visit the doctor are covered through the insurance company that covers the involved motorcycle.

2) What Happens During a Motorcycle Accident?

Often times as a Buffalo NY Motorcycle Accident Attorney I get asked about what happens in a motorcycle accident compared to that of a car.  In NYS, because driving a motorcycle is known to be dangerous, you are not covered under No Fault.  I advise clients as a Buffalo NY Motorcycle Accident Attorney that if they must have a strong insurance provider because treatment could be expensive and difficult without the proper care.

3) What is Important to Know About Motorcycle Accidents?

As a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney I often advise clients about the important things to know about motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle accidents are the most tragic and traumatic injuries with a motor vehicle.  I advise clients as a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney that because of the small size of motorcycles, they can be harder to see.  It is extremely important that you take notice if you see a motorcycle in your daily commute.

4) Is there Any Compensation Available for an Injured Motorcyclist?

As a Buffalo NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer I am often asked by injured motorcyclist if there is any compensation they can seek after an accident.  Compensation could include pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills since you are not covered under NYS No Fault.  I advise clients as a Buffalo NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer that we will look to the other vehicle for payment of any unpaid medical bills.

5) Who is Responsible for a Motorcycle Injury?

As a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer I often speak to clients and family members who have been involved in injuries or even death during a motorcycle accident and want to know who is responsible.  In NYS the person who hit you is responsible, along with the registration owner, and the title owner.  I advise clients as a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer that if the driver was working at the time of the accident, then the employer can also be held responsible.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, check out our 5 common motorcycle accident questions that we have answered just for you! Contact our experienced Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to get started on your case and schedule a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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