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Filing a Bus Accident Claim

Were you injured in crash and have questions about filing a bus accident claim? Watch this video then call for a free consultation.

The law used to be that we were required to file a notice of claim with bus companies prior to making a claim against them. Presently, we’re not required to do so. In a bus accident claim, we’re simply required to put the bus company on notice within a reasonable amount of time. More importantly, if you’re going to be making a claim against the bus company, it’s very important from a no-fault standpoint, that the no-fault documentation be submitted to them within 30 days. Again, that time period is that it’s received within 30 days, not mailed to them.

One of the tricky things, with respect to the no-fault side of things, is that we do have to determine whether you have your own insurance or someone who has insurance that might be applicable to your no-fault. The worst case scenario is that you submit a no-fault claim to the bus company and then it’s determined later on that you have available insurance elsewhere. We only have 30 days to get the claim in. If the bus company is not responsible for your no-fault claim because you have other insurance, and you haven’t submitted the claim to your other insurance company timely, you can be in a position where you have no insurance for the injuries that you sustained as a result of the bus accident. It’s very important that this all happens very quickly.

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