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Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

Were you seriously injured in a bus crash? Watch this video to learn the mistakes to avoid after a bus accident, then call our attorneys for a free review.

The primary mistake that is made by people who are involved in bus accidents is talking to the bus company after the accident. There is a police force in Western New York that is assigned to the NFTA. It is the actual NFTA Police. Anytime a bus is involved in an accident, the NFTA Police are summoned. Understand that the bus company and the NFTA Police are both employees of the NFTA, so when the NFTA Police come to a bus accident, it is our experience and my opinion personally that when they’re filling out the reports, they do everything that they can to assist the bus company.

In addition to not talking to the bus company personnel who tried to call you, I would be very leery of talking to the NFTA Police that come out to the scene after the accident, and provide them with as little information as is possible in order to make sure that they at least know that you were on the bus and that you were injured. All other information should wait, and should go through your attorney.
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