What Incidental Expenses are covered under No Fault Insurance in New York?

  • When in an accident, you receive a certain bundle of benefits called No Fault Benefits
  • It covers medical care, wages, and mileage reimbursement
  • Mileage reimbursement is determined by round trip from your house to every medical visit
  • We provide this information to our clients at the first intake meeting, along with blank no fault mileage sheets
  • We submit all paperwork right to the no fault carrier the day you meet with us
  • This paperwork should be submitted every 90 days, but if submitted every 30 days, then you can expect your travel reimbursement check in the mail every month, and lasts for one year
  • Expenses are only given for medical assistance, so if household help is required, you will need a note from your doctor, if they determine that you need the help
  • No fault covers your basic necessities while you are recovering, as long as you are treating medical providers, deem them necessary, because you are disabled

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