Recovering Financially from an Accident

Financially Recovering from a Motor Vehicle Accident

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses how recovering financially from an accident is very possible.  Contact one of our experienced Buffalo lawyers if you were injured.

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In order to recover for personal injuries as a result from a motor vehicle accident, we need to show that the individual was seriously injured under the laws of the State of New York. New York State has provided categories that are used as definitional parameters for serious injury: death, dismemberment, fracture, and significant scarring. Once we consider these categories, we are able to analyze the client’s medical records, and those records give us an indication of the extent of the client’s injuries. Then we take our medical knowledge and apply it to the medical records and the law, allowing us to argue to either an insurance company or a jury that the individual falls within the parameters of the statute. If our client does, we are able to get a recovery.

There are also the elements of economic loss and non-economic loss. If there are injuries that result in a person losing financially, having out-of-pocket expenses or wage benefits that are above no-fault, we can recover even in the event that the individual does not have a serious injury as defined under New York law.