Unsure Who Caused the Accident

I Was Injured But Don’t Know Who Caused the Accident

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly discusses how we can find the responsible party if you are not sure who caused the accident.  Contact one of our experienced accident attorneys near Buffalo NY if you were injured.

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When you’re involved in what we call a hit and run – whether in your vehicle or as a pedestrian – and somebody either takes off or gives you false information and then immediately disappears – it really feels like a tragedy because you think, “This person just struck me and now they just may get away with it.” We see that quite a bit, but the reality is that you have built-in protection under your own insurance coverage – even if that other person hit you and is gone in the wind never to be found – and even if they were driving a vehicle without any insurance. In that case, you would look to your own insurance and get benefits through the supplemental uninsured motorist coverage required by New York State.

Hopefully, the car that hit you was insured. If so, you don’t necessarily need the driver, although it is certainly helpful if we can track them down. As long as the car was covered by insurance, however, we can file a claim against the owner’s insurance and look to the owner’s policy. We would conduct a search and have an insurance check done. We have certain people who do that for us. They find out whether there was coverage and, if so, with what company. We can then pursue the same type of claim, even if the driver takes off afterwards.