What is SUM Insurance?

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SUM insurance or Supplemental Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurance is extremely important and most folks who end up getting auto insurance, the liability does not pay enough attention to this aspect of coverage.  I feel that insurance agents really do not inform their clients about the significance of this coverage.

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SUM insurance is an umbrella for the insured: If one is involved in an accident and they are seriously injured through the fault of another person. If that person has limited insurance coverage (coverage that is insufficient to compensate them for all that they have and will go through; a potential help is their own sum coverage.

Do they have underlying coverage, supplemental uninsured or under insured coverage that exceeds the value of the coverage that the responsible party has?

If they do, that coverage plays into the situation, settling the case against the responsible person. They then can proceed against their own insurance carrier for the difference between their coverage and the responsible party’s coverage.

This blog post was provided by Benjamin Andrews an experienced accident lawyer in Buffalo New York.

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