Who Is Liable In A Self-Driving Car Crash?

In this educational video, Buffalo autonomous car accident lawyer Robert Maranto explains who is liable in a self-driving car crash in New York state.

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The issue regarding liability for self-driving vehicles is a hot topic in New York law and all around the country right now. New York hasn’t really seen the influx of self-driving vehicles, or test sites, as some of the other cities and states in the county right now, but certainly, they’re coming. Recently, I traveled to Hong Kong for an electronics show where self-driving vehicles were first placed into exhibition. The issues that are arising right now is, who will be responsible? Obviously, the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible.

Now the issues are whether or not the manufacturers and even component part manufacturers are going to be responsible. Although it hasn’t been litigated in New York state, we are monitoring this closely and will be attending more conferences regarding self-driving vehicles. What I would say is that it’s fairly clear that the component part manufacturers of self-driving vehicles will all be held responsible in the event that there is a failure. Failures can be proven in a number of ways. There are ways that we can determine why the intelligence of the self-driving vehicle failed, and then be able to prove our case against the appropriate parties.

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