Benefits of No Fault in New York

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One of the first things that’s get asked in any motor vehicle accident is what is going to happen for me with respect to the medical bills and any wage benefits that I might lose as a result of being injured? The response to our clients is that that is handled by no fault. No fault is just what it says, no fault. We don’t care who has fault for part of the accident in order to get those benefits.

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Essentially what happens as we go to the insurance company of the vehicle that you’re in, they are responsible for paying three things. The statute itself and the regulations themselves are very thick but the most important part is this: all of the medical expenses get covered by the insurance company of the vehicle you’re in. In addition, no fault pays 80% of lost wages up to a maximum of 2000$ a month for basic benefits. In addition to that we can also get benefits from New York state disability. Finally, they pay incidental expenses, incidental expenses common a number of different ways.

We can either get incidental expenses as mileage to and from doctors to get you compensated for the fact that you are having to travel to the doctors and also in situations where it is necessary to have household help. Household help can be billed to an insurance company at a maximum of 25 $ s per day. All of the benefits and no-fault offers in a primary policy has 50,000$ of total benefits.

Once that is exhausted and we look to see whether there is an additional coverage available under the policy.

This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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