Hit by an Uninsured Driver

Hit by an Uninsured Driver

Hit by an Uninsured DriverIf you have been hit by an uninsured driver, you may be feeling stressed out about how this is going to affect your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. In New York State, you can find solace in something called SUM (Supplementary Uninsured Motorists) coverage.

Hit by an Uninsured Driver | SUM Coverage

In every automobile insurance policy in New York State, an insurance company has to offer what is called SUM coverage which is an acronym for Supplementary Uninsured Motorists protection. In most cases, it is what we call unified endorsement and covers people who are uninsured or under-insured. Essentially what that means is if I’m involved in a motor vehicle accident and the vehicle that is at fault and strikes me does not have insurance, I’m able to go to my own insurance company and that insurance company will step in and pay benefits to me, not only for my wage loss and medical, but for my personal injuries as well. Essentially what they do is step into the shoes of the other insurance company to cover my injuries.

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Hit by an Uninsured Driver | Under-Insurance

Also, in that same endorsement, there is a thing called under-insurance. Let’s say that I’m involved in a motor vehicle accident and I have under-insurance benefits of $500,000. If I get into an accident with someone who only has $25,000 of coverage, I would first go to the insurance company of the defendant or at fault vehicle and get the $25,000 policy from that insurance company. At that point I would then be able to go to my insurance company and I would be eligible to receive an additional $475,000 from my own insurance company. That number is calculated by taking my insurance coverage, my SUM coverage which is $500,000, and subtracting from that what the other insurance company had, which is $25,000.

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